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Centennial Skating Club, established in 1976, is a non-profit United States Figure Skating member club that supports and promotes figure skating in all capacities. Our members include competitive and recreational skaters who range in level from Basic Skills to Juniors, Seniors and Adults. Our home ice is at Sertich Ice Center in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, CO and our secondary ice is at the Monument Ice Rinks in Monument, CO.

We are always welcoming new members, and we hope you’ll join us!

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8:45 pm Sertich Test Session @ Sertich Ice Center
Sertich Test Session @ Sertich Ice Center
Aug 18 @ 8:45 pm – 10:45 pm
Sertich Test Session @ Sertich Ice Center | Colorado Springs | Colorado | United States
Register for test sessions using the entryeeze link below: Results will be posted on the Test Results page after completion each session

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Lori started skating 27 years ago as an “un-athletic college student with a strong work ethic and plenty of passion.” It all started when she saw an ad for group lessons for college students at the rink down the street. “One performance as a mama rat in The Nutcracker and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to be ‘good enough’ to be a maid. And, oh, the dream of someday being a waltzing flower…” she remembers. Two decades of hard work led to Lori passing her Adult Gold Free Skate and Novice Moves in the Field tests, as well as earning 13 gold medals at the U.S. Adult Championships and a pewter medal in the National Showcase Junior Parade of Champions. As the creator of the “Adults Skate Too” slogan, Lori is a devoted volunteer, giving back to the sport through service as a club officer, official, committee member and Chair of the U.S. Figure Skating Adult Skating Committee (from 2016-2019). While she cherishes her off-ice opportunities, it’s on the ice where she feels the most at home. Unfortunately, injuries have gotten in the way, sidelining her from competition for several seasons. “The string of injuries I sustained over the years resulted in significant mechanical dysfunction and undesirable compensation patterns. Shortly after passing my Adult Gold Free Skate test, I was unable to skate and living with constant and chronic pain. The journey out of this dark place and back to a pain-free existence is an ongoing process that’s taken more physical, emotional and intellectual effort than anything else I’ve worked toward in my life,” Lori—who holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering—tells us, citing a six-year struggle which included a ruptured Achilles tendon and terrible back spasms. “My dream of being able to skate again with freedom is what kept me from giving up.” Like many adult skaters, Lori is always on the go, but her transportation method is quite unique. “I’m an airline transport pilot with a multi-engine jet type rating. I fly as a volunteer for the Veterans Airlift Command.” Recently, she flew herself, a club-mate and their coach to Salt Lake City, where Lori made a much-anticipated return to competition after a four-year hiatus. Though the comeback trail hasn’t been easy, Lori sees skating as an important form of physical therapy. “It brings me such joy to feel the ice under my blades again,” she says. “I’m not yet able to jump or spin, but symmetrical movements are healthy and beneficial for me. Miraculously, this limited and focused on-ice work resulted in a gold medal at the 2019 U.S. Adult Championships in Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance. What a joy it is to be able to skate to music again with my adult skating family! Every moment on the ice is a gift that I no longer take for granted.” During Lori’s time as Chair of the Adult Skating Committee, several new programs were created—all with an overarching theme of rewarding the commitment to a lifelong, on-ice love of figure skating. These programs are a reflection of Lori’s eye-opening experience which led her to value longevity above all else. “My dream has been to create a shift within our culture that values longevity on the ice and defines the ultimate success in adult figure skating as being able to skate with joy for a lifetime. It’s my hope that this cultural shift will result in adult skaters who train with more strategic wisdom and less brute force. After years of feeding my competitive nature on the ice, I’ve evolved (through the lessons of time, experience and injury) to focus on skating for the physical fitness, emotional health, joy, artistic expression and camaraderie that the sport offers. My primary goal is to enjoy my love and passion for skating for the rest of my life. It’s more important for my time on the ice to be a net positive for my mind, body and soul than it is to pass a test, land a jump or win a competition.”

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