Test Results

Recent test results for tests held by the Centennial Skating Club at Sertich Ice Center and Monument Ice Rinks.

Test DateLocationResults
April 21, 2024SeritchResults
March 24, 2024SertichResults
Feb 27th, 2024VirtualResults
January 7, 2024SertichResults
December 10, 2023SertichResults
November 19, 2023SertichResults
October 8, 2023SertichResults
August 6, 2023SertichResults
July 9th, 2023SertichResults
June 4, 2023SertichResults
May 21, 2023SertichResults
April 23, 2023MonumentResults
March 5, 2023SertichResults
February 2023SertichResults
January 22, 2023SertichResults
October 23, 2022SertichResults
July 10, 2022SertichResults
June 5, 2022SertichResults
March 6 and May 1, 2022SertichResults
Feb 6, 2022SertichResults
Dec 12, 2021SertichResults
Nov 14, 2021SertichResults
Oct 17, 2021SertichResults
Sept 9 and 20, 2021Monument and SertichResults
Jun 20th, 2021SertichResults
May 23rd, 2021SertichResults
Apr 25th, 2021SertichResults
Mar 20th, 2021SertichResults
Feb 7th, 2021SertichResults
Jan 10th, 2021SertichResults
Dec 13th, 2020SertichResults
Nov 15th, 2020SertichResults
Oct 11th, 2020SertichResults
Aug 16th, 2020SertichResults
Feb 9th, 2020SertichResults
Jan 12th, 2020SertichResults
Nov 17th, 2019SertichResults
July 14th, 2019SertichResults
May 12th, 2019SertichResults
Jan 13th, 2019SertichResults
Dec 9th, 2018SertichResults
Oct 21st, 2018SertichResults
Aug 12th, 2018SertichResults
Jul 15th, 2018SertichResults
Apr 22nd, 2018SertichResults